The Future of Business

A successful business has always been one that can quickly adapt and utilise changing processes and technology. Tasks that may have taken weeks to complete 10 years ago, now only take a few hours, or even minutes.

We live in the age of same day delivery, professional social media, 24/7 multi-media messaging and instantaneous money transfers. Thanks to the cloud, all of this can be activated and managed whenever and wherever you may be in the world, at your fingertips.

Over the last decade, businesses’ have had to keep up with these technological advances along with the increasing expectations of customers.

Today, a fully functioning website, strong social media presence, an email database and online interactions with clients and customers, are considered minimum requirements for most businesses. As well as the end consumer, expectations of the workforce have increased too, as they require flexible working hours, remote working and more time to focus on growth generating activities and less time on administrative tasks. Businesses have to adapt and be willing to forgo the conventional ways in which they are used to working.

What we’re currently seeing is the rise of the ‘deconstructed’ workforce. Employees are no longer always required to be working in the same physical location now that ‘agile working’ has become commonplace. Companies are increasing their use of contractors and freelancers. Sometimes we see whole departments and projects being outsourced completely to third party stakeholders.

So what does this mean for the future of businesses? These changes provide businesses with a lot more flexibility. They are now in a position to write their own rules and manage their business in a way that suits them and their employees best.

No Brainer Solutions has responded to these transformations by creating a model that allows businesses to outsource their business support services to us. We have seen that sometimes there isn’t a need to hire an employee, but having the the benefits of an employee at the fraction of the cost and freedom to use them whenever suits best, has proven to be a model more businesses are choosing to adopt.

The future of business is difficult to predict, however being able to react to these constant transformations in a positive way can prove successful. Embracing trends such as social media, cloud technology, an agile workforce and outsourcing tasks to business support professionals can result in a number of gains, taking your business to the next level.

No Brainer Solutions aims to understand your business’ needs, recommend best practice and work with you to help you navigate through the unpredictable business landscape.

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